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Symphony Environmental launches new fruit and vegetable bag to reduce food waste


Symphony Environmental Technologies PLC (LON:SYM) has announced the launch of a new reusable plastic bag product designed to keep climacteric fruit and vegetables – those that continue to ripen after being picked – fresher for longer. 

The SYMFresh ‘press’n’seal’ fruit and vegetable bags have been made with Symphony’s d2p ethylene adsorber technology, a microporous structure which adsorbs and traps the ethylene inside the film, delaying ripening and regulating moisture, to slow down the drying out process.

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The AIM-listed firm said climacteric fruit and vegetables, such as bananas, peaches, tomatoes and avocados, release ethylene gas when placed or packaged in a plastic bag which causes accelerated ripening and decay of fruit and vegetables, which can alter the colour and texture of the produce, effectively shortening the shelf life.

By conserving the nutritional qualities, crispness and flavour of the fruit and vegetables, SYMFresh bags are proven to extend the shelf life of such produce by up to 40%, the company noted.

According to figures produced by Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), an estimated one third of all food produced globally goes to waste.

The UK alone wastes approximately 6.6mln tonnes of food annually with households accounting for 70% of this figure, and 34% of this wastage consisting of fruit and vegetables.

Rotting food generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide, and 11% of methane emissions come from food.

“After more than three years of development, we are delighted to launch the first retail consumable product made with d2p ethylene adsorber technology,” commented chief executive Michael Laurier in a release.

“This is part of a wider product development program, whereby we are meeting global demand to reduce food waste and to increase our product offering to existing and new markets.” 

“Albeit early stage, conversations with our distributors on this new technology have been positive and we are hopeful SYMFresh will become a complementary as well as a commercially valued product alongside our existing product range.”

Shares rose 4% to 22.99p early on Monday.

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