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DeepVerge keen to play its part in detection of coronavirus in sewage


DeepVerge plc (LON:DVRG), the bacteria specialist formerly-known as Integumen on Friday responded to press commentary about increased testing of sewage for the presence of coronaviruses.

The company noted that wastewater treatment sites in England, Wales and Scotland will start to increase their testing, with the aim of creating an early warning system to detect local outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19) before they spread.

DeepVerge noted it has been working with multiple universities and wastewater utilities since June this year on COVID-19 related projects. The company is involved in many projects in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Michigan, US, Shanghai, China and Japan.

In its Labskin laboratories in York, the company is retrofitting Microtox equipment from Modern Water PLC, which it is in the process of acquiring via a recommended all-share offer, to install these projects.

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“The UK forms part of our COVID-19 real-time detection development strategy, cooperating with Modern Water PLC supply chain and existing installation network in more than 60 countries. We continue to work with our EcoSystemOS consortium partners in the UK and overseas to bring advanced AI-based wastewater detection and pathogen identification projects from manual to automated real-time testing,” Gerard Brandon, the chief executive officer of DeepVerge said in a statement.

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