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Advanced Material Development receives GBP125,000 funding through UK weapons framework


Advanced Material Development Ltd (AMD) has secured its first contract under the UK’s weapons framework, Weapons Sector Research Framework (WSRF).

This contract is worth GBP125,000 and will fund the development of AMD’s carbon-based inks technology to improve their ability to shield personnel and assets.

The WSRF is managed by QinetiQ, MDA and Thales and was established earlier in 2020 as a five-year framework to develop and exploit all forms of weapons technologies for Britain’s defence.

In a statement, John Lee, AMD’s chief executive, said: “Materials science and nanotechnology have a significant role to play in protecting lives and realising game-changing improvements in performance, safety and lifespan of future systems.”

AMD’s inks are highly conductive, he added, and have the potential to offer significant benefits in size, weight and cost reduction across a whole range of systems.

“Several elements of our proprietary technology to develop the specialist inks have benefitted greatly from the support of Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) funding,” Lee said.

“This highlights the vital role that DASA and Dstl play in finding potential amongst early technologies with small businesses like us. That support will ultimately lead to ever-better ways to save lives and protect UK Sovereignty.”

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